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Permissions part 2

Background: As a half-elf, Yuan has the ability to sense mana and energy flows in his environment, including in the people around him. He can tell whether or not someone is human with a momentary examination, and if he tries he may be able to pinpoint an elemental affiliation as well, depending on whether there is one and how strong it is.

The fields:

Name: I need to know who you are and who you're playing, obvs.
Is Yuan allowed to sense them?: If not, we'll say his augment is blocking it.
Human?: This can be a yes or no question, unless you want to elaborate. Even elves from different worlds probably wouldn't feel exactly like elves from his world, not to mention the wide variety of other things out there, so he'll only be able to make guesses from his experience as to what people are if they aren't human (though if it feels like magic and has pointed ears, he'll probably assume it's at least part elven unless told otherwise).
How strong?: This can and should be vague: Yuan can't tell your character's exact power level or anything like that, but he can tell the difference between someone with a few traces of magic, a competent caster, and a being made entirely of elemental energy.
Elemental affinity: Yuan comes from a world where the rules of magic are relatively concrete. Magic comes in eight elemental flavors, in four opposing pairs: Fire and Ice, Wind and Earth, Lightning and Water, Light and Dark. If your character's abilities fall into one of those elements and their aura is strong enough, Yuan might be able to tell. (Other Tales characters: unless instructed otherwise, if they have a clear canonical element, Yuan will probably pick up on it.)
Weirdness/other?: Anything else you think I should know?

(If I ever get any canonmates, this sheet is optional for them unless they have any important power-related development from previous games.)

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