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[ profile] justprompts: Write a letter to your children


I don't know why I'm doing this. The castle brought you into my life, and someday, if I don't leave, you'll be old enough to know that, that your mother and I were never even together at all. If I don't leave, if the castle allows you to grow up through the years...

I doubt I'll still be here long enough for you to grow up, but it's better to be prepared, isn't it? Especially here, that's one thing you'll have to learn. It's always better to be prepared for anything. And if you grow up without me there, this letter will be waiting for you to find. I'll trust you to be enough my son and your mother's that you won't give up until you find the traces your parents left behind for you.

When you're old enough to figure it out, then, you'll understand one day that the castle created you to be our child. And yet...even for a moment, that didn't stop me from loving you as if you were my own natural-born son. I can't explain it – if you have children of your own one day, maybe you'll understand, but you are my son, regardless of how you came to be.

And if you grow'll learn one day just who your father is.

I won't make excuses. I've done some terrible things, and I didn't have a good enough reason. I don't know what the history books will remember of me, if they'll remember anything at all. But in spite of the things I've done...I changed. No one ever really stops growing up, Kieran, remember that. No one is ever finished learning and changing, even at five thousand years old. I changed, and I realized what I'd done, and I tried to make up for it.

No matter what you ever do, or what anyone ever does to you, it's never too late to choose another path. And for them, as well. Even if you don't have the strength to forgive them, for my sake and yours I will hope that you can acknowledge that change.

I'll try, in this world and in every other, to leave you the best legacy I can. Hold onto your beliefs, never let anyone, ever, tell you that you can't do something, and live the best life you can.

And remember that no matter who you are or what you do, your parents love you. You were born a miracle of creation, unlooked for but never unwanted. Never forget that.

Yuan Ka-Fai of the Renegades

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