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For [ profile] justprompts again

Prompt is "Chaste makes waste", so mild warnings for sexual content. Nothing explicit, though.

Yuan broke the kiss, panting slightly, and leaned his forehead against Martel's. “Martel...wait. I think...we should talk about this.”

His girlfriend pouted at him attractively, but it soon turned to a look of concern. “What's wrong?”

He took a moment to sort out the words he wanted. “I just...want to be sure we don't go too far.”

Martel raised a playful eyebrow at him. “Are you afraid I'll deflower you before you're ready?”

“I- what?” Yuan flushed. “N-no. I just...thought- you're so- and I don't want to push or- I just don't want...any regrets.”

She laughed softly, and kissed him gently to reassure him before replying. “If I'm puzzling that out right...are you suggesting we wait until marriage?”

“I-I- uh.” His face heated still further. That was sort of what he had meant, but actually bringing up the idea of marriage...well, it wasn't the first time he'd thought about it. He just hadn't expected her to. ...But then again, she always could read his mind, it seemed.

Martel shook her head, and for a moment her gaze grew sad. “Yuan...we're in the middle of a war. So many things could happen tomorrow... Neither of us might be here for another night.” Delicately, deliberately, she placed his hand on the fastenings of her shirt, still looking directly into his eyes, now with determination. “...I don't want to leave any regrets, either.”

He was too overwhelmed with love to speak, not that he'd been especially coherent up until this point. After searching her eyes one last time as if he could find words there, Yuan just leaned in to kiss her deeply once again, fingers carefully unriddling her buttons.