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For [ profile] justprompts

It really wasn't fair.

He could accept defeat. Occasionally, he could even accept it gracefully. He had plenty of experience with it, after all.

But this time, this final time, it was the source that he simply could not believe.

Seventeen years old. Seventeen years old and not failing school only by the grace of a very persistent teacher. A boy who was simpleminded and persistent and...and admittedly very strong of spirit, but still.

How the hell had it happened? Had he really fallen so far as to be defeated by a ragtag group of misfits led by a mere boy?

The answer was 'apparently', and that was the answer that Yuan simply could. Not. Accept.

And so, abruptly and in a way he'd never anticipated, Yuan found himself entirely at a loss. With the Renegades set up to work with former Desians, a social rehabilitation process that would no doubt take years, he simply didn't have anything to do. Nothing to fight, nothing left to rail against.

No Kratos to pester, and his mind abruptly shied away from that thought. He was not ready yet to deal with his best friend's sudden absence from his life.

In the end, he spent much of his time in the ruins of the Tower of Salvation, keeping half an eye on the tiny sprout of a tree there. It was hard to believe that it would one day be a giant mana tree. Hard to believe that Martel was the guardian spirit, even if he was distantly aware that part of the reason he was hovering was in hopes that he might see her.

Hard to believe what Lloyd had decided to name the thing, and that rankled, as well. He was never going to be able to call the new Tree by its proper name, not with his history.

...How had a kid like that managed to steal all his glory?