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Characterization by the signs

After looking over some just-for-fun astrology with Saffy this weekend, I thought I'd put up a bit of a character essay detailing out some of Yuan's mock star chart, and why I chose those signs/what they mean. Note that I didn't actually try to put in a birth date and/or year for this - I just went through all the descriptions and picked the best-fitting signs.

(Yes, I know Earth astrology couldn't possibly apply to Aselian characters. Refer back to the part that says 'just for fun'.)

Sun sign: Aquarius

The sun sign indicates a person's core nature. As an Aquarian, Yuan is a logical truth-seeker, an analytical thinker, and full of passionate belief in high-minded ideals like truth, freedom, and justice. He's very stubborn about clinging to his beliefs, but logic can generally persuade him to rethink things, and indeed he appreciates concrete, logical thought processes. This reliance on logic and process can make him seem distant and emotionally disconnected at times, but it's more a sign of his not wanting to make mistakes that hurt people. He doesn't trust easily, and holds stiff grudges if betrayed - but despite this distance and suspicion, something about his personality seems to draw people in. This is helped by his willingness and ability to see multiple sides of an argument, while still keeping to a firm choice as far as where he himself stands.

Rising sign: Gemini

The rising sign refers to the surface layer of personal interaction, the everyday face that a person shows the world, and how other people see them at first glance. Gemini rising means that Yuan interacts easily and smoothly with a wide variety of people, maintaining conversations and collecting information with instinctive facility. These interactions are generally quite shallow, though - unless you catch his interest in some particular way, he'll likely have forgotten you talked by next week if you don't remind him. Gemini being a flighty sign, he also might just get bored and leave off if a conversation isn't holding his attention, seeking a greater source of mental stimulation. This sign is the source of his sharp wit and snark, as well as his tendency to get impatient with people who can't keep up. Gemini is a sign that loves to debate - he may play devil's advocate just for fun, or argue both sides of the same debate at different times - and combined with his logical Aquarius and his Mercury in Leo, he can be frustratingly convincing in both directions.

Moon sign: Scorpio

The position of the moon relates to how a person sees themself, and their inner emotional side. With a Scorpio here, Yuan is secretive, passionate, intense and suspicious. He seeks out intensity in others to match his own, and holding so many close secrets, he has an uncanny knack for seeing through the secrets of others - something that can be both attractive and deeply intimidating. It's not just secrets, either: his instinctive ability to size up people and situations is formidable, and he's not often caught off-guard by a revelation about someone's nature. He doesn't do things halfway, or maintain frivolous relationships; for Yuan, everything must have depth and meaning, or it's likely to be discarded as useless, and forgotten. This drive toward intensity and drama can reach the point of absurdity at times, if he's not balanced out by someone who reminds him to lighten up.

Mercury sign: Leo

Mercury's sign is often known as a person's Communication Sign, because that's what it represents: their style of communicating and exchanging information with others. Mercury in Leo means that when Yuan talks, he does so with authority. He commands attention, and usually gets it. It's extremely frustrating for him when people simply don't respond to his words. Any kind of response will do - if the response is negative, he'll use the logic of his native Aquarius in combination with his instinctive Scorpio Moon understanding of people and the persuasive talent that the Leo here gives him to win people over. Even if they don't end up agreeing with him, he can usually leave them with a positive impression. On the other hand, this sign contributes to his stubbornness when criticized, and his occasional flair for drama which isn't strictly necessary. This is the sign which ties his intellect to his ego and makes him dig in his heels if he feels his opinions being devalued. The Leo's desire for attention also conflicts with his Scorpio Moon's suspicion and closely-guarded secrets, giving him something of a love-hate relationship with spotlight time. This manifests as Yuan wanting people to listen when he talks, and ignore him when he isn't.

Venus sign: Aquarius

Venus' sign is also known as the Love Sign; this is the sign that explains how a person interacts in non-family relationships, both friendly and romantic. Having another Aquarius here, Yuan is free-thinking, open to unusual people and interactions, and rebellious. The ordinary and mundane holds no appeal whatsoever, and you'll have a hard time maintaining relationships with him if he thinks you're too shallow and/or traditional. This is one reason he doesn't usually have deep connections with people under twenty-five, unless they act older than they actually are: he just doesn't find them to have enough depth to be really interesting. He also doesn't usually put a lot of effort into checking in with people - he makes a connection and goes his own way, so you can either keep up or drift off. The people who become important to him are the ones who consistently make the effort to follow along.

Mars sign: Aries

Mars is the Passion Sign, the sign that indicates what gets a person fired up, and how they react to that. Aries is an impulsive and uncomplicated sign, throwing off all Yuan's instincts in the other signs for stopping to wait by making him want to make instant choices. If he sees a problem, he wants to jump in, right now, and fix it. He enjoys challenges and bluntness, often impatient with people who are uncertain, indecisive, or reluctant to come out and say what they want to get across. He'll also lash out instinctively with quick flare-ups of temper if he feels threatened, and then regret it a moment later.

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